bullish or bearish market

Are you bullish or bearish for the rest of the year.

Yes indeed!…..We are in a bullish market.
The bearish investors will tell you this momentum will not last. However, they have been saying that since last September.

Investing is all about timing, and the timing right now is on the bull side, however, don’t think for one moment that the bears are going to keep a low profile and turn side ways, while the economy picks up.

If you think this is a bull market, then you are right, if you think this bull market will keep on going like this until the end of the year, well??

Some analyst ( bearish) may caution investors about rising commodity prices and how a corporation like John Deere (DE), might just be caught battling profits by rising equipment prices.

But for the bulls, this is the exact formula that delivers profit, and that’s exactly what John Deer did after they reported a great quarter as the underlying stock increased 2.30%.

For the bullish investor, the best way to play this market, is to invest into stock that have a great foundation and that are trending with the times. With the farming business booming again and moving full speed ahead with record high crop prices, little wonder (DE) reported a great quarter.

So if you are bullish, then go for it, 2011 seems to be a year that might surprise a lot of so called top analysts that were predicting a very moderate increase.
Apple, Netflix, Amazon, Google and many more that seems unstoppable and are headed for a year of record highs.