Ohio stock market challenge

Ohio Stock Market Challenge

Ohio Stock Market Challenge – OSMC

The Ohio Stock Market Challenge is primarily for students in the USA, who wants to get a hold on how the NYSE works. It’s actually very educational and based on the real thing. On top of learning and sharpening your stock marketing skills, you can win one of three Prizes offered by the OSMC.

Besides being a contest, it challenges students across the nation from grade 4 to 12 to learn and use a virtual stock simulator, enabling them, to make the same exact trades, as if they were on a real life platform.

Students can trade stock, options, place stop orders, limited prices, and just about anything a real trading platform provides to stock market investors. Learning how to use the simulator is quite easy and tutorial are provided for students who want to learn more about using the simulator and trading the market in general.

It’s simply a great introductory tool to learn and trade stock safely, in real time.

You can participate as a team or as an individual student, of course this is a virtual simulation of the real market and all gains and lost or not real.
You start off with a 100 000 dollar broker account and receive an additional one hundred thousand dollar in a margin account.

The date’s periods for the Ohio Stock Market Challenge go as follows: Fall game starts at the beginning of Octobre and ends around the middle of December — and during the winter it starts in February and ends in April.

This experience, is really a great way for students to practice and discover the mechanics of the stock market. However, the down side of any simulator is the lack of psychological factor associate with virtual trading. And when you are trading your own hard earn money in the real world, the fear of losing it, greatly changes the way you think and trade stocks or options.

This is why, I urge Students to the put aside whatever prizes you can win, and concentrate on the way you would really react — your goal should be to invest in the stock market, just like if this was your own personal money. If you do so, you will stand to benefit much more than others, which are just in it for the top prize. Because market fluctuations are often triggered by the fear factor. Remember, trading is not a game , it’s a real business where people can get hurt losing a great deal of money.

So this is one of the stock market secrets of the day concerning virtual or simulator stock platforms.
If you are interested in more information about the challenge, or if you want to participate or register you can do so through the Ohio stock market challenge website.