Verizon Communications is now selling Iphone

Verizon Communications offer IPHONE users 200$ to switch from AT&T.

The subscribers battle over IPhone wireless network carriers is gaining momentum as Verizon Communications offers 200$ to switch from AT&T.

it’s IPHONE day at Verizon retail outlet stores across the nation , and that spells good news for
AT&T user who finally has the opportunity to switch their IPHONE carrier network.
Verizon is currently the largest most reliable 3G network in the USA, and is rolling out the 4G network plus the LTE witch delivers speed up to 10 times faster than the 3G wireless network.

Executive VP and CFO, Fran Shammo, encourages people to utilize the trading program to get value out of their current hand set and come over to (VZ). The program offers 200$ to switch from AT&T to their own network.
the bottom line, this spells trouble watter ahead for AT&T and big profits for Verizon Communications.
VZ stock rallied 37 percent since last July, and analysts predict IPhone retail sales will boost their market potential to hit the 40 dollars stock price within this year.
One week ago, Verizon increased its buy back power by a additional 3.6 billions dollars, Bringing the company shares up to 100 million.
At the latest investor meeting, The Vice president gave future guidance as the company expectations, foresee 11 million IPHONE sales, which result in a 4 to 8 % revenue growth and 5 to 8% EPS growth.

The company delivers great yields, and share holders should be pleased, as Fran Shammo mentioned in an interview: “we totally believe in total share holders return!”