Steve Jobs CEO of apple died the 05 octobre 2011

Steve Jobs – One of the worlds greatest visionary!

Without Steve Jobs! you must wonder where the excitement will come from in the industry?

Do you have a vision?

Do you have an idea so big, that it will change the  world ?

Let’s say that my idea is to bring technology to another level. Example; having the ability of inventing  a miniature computer inside a contact lens.

Imagine taking a walk in the park, and just by looking at a bird, you would be able to zoom and read the name of this bird through some type of translucent information scrolling on the left side of your new  contact web lenses.  Forget about having technology at the palm of  our hands, it’s now  in our eyes. Wow! Wouldn’t that be revolutionary? Any ways if it’s not revolutionary,  it’s certainly visionary.

So what’s my point? Well, my point is, anyone can have an idea or a vision that could change the world. However,  very few have the talent, the ability and the determination to make it happen. And that’s what made Steve Jobs the man he was, and the man he will be remembered for.

In terms of creativity and innovations, he was unparalleled. He is without a doubt, the most innovative CEO of our times.

So what is going to happen to apple, now that Steve Jobs unfortunately has passed away?

Is Apple going to go down now?

Probably not, we all know that Steve Jobs was setting up Apple for this day and because the fact people were anticipating this moment, it was sort of price into the stock.

The truth is nobody knows, when a stock is that high, you might think the only way it could go is down. However, it can completely do the opposite. The near future should not have that much of an impact. However, I wouldn’t bet on this run continuing over the longer haul, since he’s no longer there.

Steve Jobs was the image of what “cool ” should be like, he changed the way we think about the technologies and the way we interacted with it.

He was a marketing genius. Getting inside the mind of the user and figuring what people would need was his biggest talent

He has reinvented the phone. He has changed the way we listen to music. He has change the way we get information. He has created extraordinary devices, far better than anyone else has ever done.

He had a unique way of presenting and communicating the image of who he was through the products he was selling. Yes!… Iphone, iPad, iPod, Itune, Imac and everything with and ” I ” in front of it, was truly the inner reflection of a legacy that will touch people for years to come.

Steve Jobs died of a pancreas tumor the 05 of October 2011.

Steve jobs, a once in a century type of person!